Let's Revolutionize



Let's Revolutionize Crypto!

Overview & Ecosystem


X ECOSYSTEM is a merger of two projects, DOXXED and Virtual X. DOXXED was launched on 21 September 2021 and had a pretty successful run with ATH of 15 Million. Due to the uncertain times in January - February of 2022 and following a bear market, both teams decided to collaborate and re-launch together as X ECOSYSTEM, XECO.

Our goal is to revolutionize the crypto space by launching multiple utilities with Unique Selling Propositions (USP) under one ecosystem. With synergies of two dev teams we are introducing 2 one of a kind utilities i.e. Render Chain and Cloud Ecosystem - Ethereum Virtual Machine. This also makes us more effective, efficient and we can venture into new projects and take advantage of the ever evolving crypto space with ease.

To show our dedication and long term commitment towards XECO, the dev wallets have been locked.
Dev Wallet 1 - 5% Locked For 4 Months
Dev Wallet 2 - 5% Locked For 5 Months


Each project under The X ECOSYSTEM Ecosystem is carefully planned to give us evergrowing hype, investors, users & revenue.

One Currency

"XECO" will be used as the only currency throughout the ecosystem, thereby constantly increasing the demand.


For X PAD and DOX Verified we will be frequently collaborating with global celebrities, influencers and other community projects with doxxed teams, giving us more exposure and investors.

Open to All

Our projects will be open to all, irrespective of their interest in crypto, giving us more users and revenue.


Ecosystem projects will be launched every quarter under The X ECOSYSTEM, giving us evergrowing hype, investors and userbase.


Profits generated throughout the X ECOSYSTEM will be used for buyback & burn to reduce the circulating supply.

To know more about our utilities, kindly visit the ECOSYSTEM page below.